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I'm a sunrise coffee drinker, sunflower soul, barefoot being, sunset chaser, and adventure lover. I'm a free spirited and adventurous photographer! Everyone has such a beautiful story and my heart and soul lives for capturing the most beautiful, raw, and real moments in life with you! Whatever your story might be, I want to capture it authentically with the wind in your hair, the soul in your eyes, and passion in your heart.

about TAYLOR

Hey there you beautiful
human! I'm Taylor!

And I'm so happy you are here!




Taylor brings a light and energy into every session, that not only makes you feel at ease but also allows you to truly have fun. She gives fantastic direction and will do anything for the shot! (Like climb waist deep into pond water, and sacrifice her shoes!)


Her photographs go so much deeper than a pretty portrait. She captures the moments, feelings, and relationships that define life--the way your daughter's hair bounces when she runs, the sweet way your baby's hands touch your face, the softness in your husband's eyes when he looks at his family. The subtle things that you want to keep in your heart for the rest of your life.


Taylor is a magical being. It’s rare you meet someone who’s talent & creativity emulates their personality so perfectly. Her work actually IS her heart & soul. To a T! 

If you're looking for something a little outside the lines, you're welcome here. Let's connect and tell your rad, beautiful story together.


Shop from my vast selection of landscape and nature images. Not only will you be supporting my little dream of getting my art on your walls, but you'll be guaranteed some one-of-a-kind images that are professionally printed with some of my favorite top-notch printing companies in the biz.

Need a wall art refresh?

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